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How Social Media Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Site

10 Jul, 2017 McKell Naegle Digital Marketing

If you run an ecommerce business, you are probably aware of the importance of social media.

But why exactly is social media beneficial for your company?

Social media and ecommerce

While there are many reasons to invest more in social media, let’s focus on three of them:

Personalized Targeting Leads to Good Customer Experiences

Social media platforms do a great job of gathering information about their customers’. By doing so, they learn about their online behavior and preferences. According to Payever, 61% of customers are more likely to buy if a company delivers custom content. And 73% of users don’t mind giving their personal information, as long as they are presented with relevant content. This shows how important and helpful personalization and targeting can be for your sales. This can help ecommerce businesses immensely, as they can use that information to create specifically targeted ads. With this information, companies can personalize their ads to help create a good customer experience and lead to more sales.

Helps Maintain Relationships

Social media is a great way to maintain relationships and provide customer support. Whether it be through comments, likes, favorites, mentions, pins, etc., social media is a two-way street. People, now more than ever, turn to social media for their customer support needs. They want fast responses, so most brands answer to the inquiries directly on the social channel. With daily interactions and communications, you are able to create and maintain strong relationships. With quick and consistent response, it is easier to keep customers happy and coming back, thus helping maintain a positive relationship. Plus, customer support on social media can give you higher online visibility.

Increases Brand Awareness and Conversions

Frequent and quality posts on social media platforms can help lead to increased brand awareness. With higher brand awareness comes a better reputation and higher ranks on search engines. That’s right, you can boost your site’s SEO as more people stop by your shop. This is largely because many customers visit a site based off of social media posts. According to Payever, 78% of consumers said that brand’s social media posts influence their purchases, and 1 in 10 online purchases comes from social channels. If you aren’t doing social media, you are missing out on a lot of conversions.

If you want to increase traffic and sales to your ecommerce site, (and honestly who doesn’t?) then you should be using social media. Try it out and reap all the benefits that will come.

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