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Social Media Brand Strategy

12 Jun, 2014 McKell Naegle

Social media can be one of the best ways to brand your business. It can help target consumers from B2C (business to consumer) platform in addition to targeting businesses from B2B (business to business) platform. However, when branding on social media there are certain things that your business should and should not do.


Most of the time, businesses use social media to push deals, content, and interact with customers. While those are good things to do, it is better to encourage customers to interact with each other. Consumers will trust their friends and others more than the business itself when making a purchasing decision regarding a product. The business is there to sell and talk up the product or service. However, when consumers know why others bought the product it goes a lot farther. The business, even though it is well intentioned, will have trouble identifying with most consumers.


To brand your business properly, you need to set clear and achievable goals. The usual goals normally consist of getting a high number of followers or rates of engagements. However, neither of those metrics matters if your sales and traffic do not improve. Find what you do best and highlight that on social media. Let that be your brand, and encourage users to engage with other users and with your business.


Try to offer unique content on each platform. Sharing the same item on all of the platforms is fine, but try to share in a different way. If users are following you on all of your platforms, they will not want to see a repeated post. Sharing unique content for each platform gives users a reason to follow you and gives you more platforms to push your brand.


Stay relevant with what is happening in the market. Social media is about what is happening right now along with interaction and discussion. Don’t just post about your business and brand; make graphics and designs so customers know they’re in the right place and can recognize it immediately. Relate your brand to what is currently happening. Consumers will recognize that you are willing to adjust to current market needs.


Do not forget about basic branding items either. Keep your colors, messages, and design consistent across all platforms. When you are establishing your brand on social media, make sure you carry all of it over to your physical locations or vice versa. Consistency is the best thing you can achieve. You want to make sure your customers and social media users recognize your brand no matter the delivery medium. Consumers are more likely to buy from a business they trust and are familiar with.


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