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Social Media and Challenges to Managing a Brand on the Web

30 Jun, 2010 McKell Naegle

With the many online social communities on the web, marketing and managing your brand can create some challenges. Here is a list of common challenges that can arise, and some ways to address the challenges.

1. Transparency

If your company fails, you have to be the first one to call yourself on it. If you succeed, you have to message that in a way to get people’s attention.

2. Scale

A successful brand will have more customers than employees, which in turn will create more conversations about your brand than you’ll be able to participate in.  Exercise judgment when deciding which discussions are worth spending time on, such as publicly handling a customer complaint, or giving fans special access to events.

3. Tool Belt

There are many tools that are available and they all vary in quality. The difficult part is determining which tools should be used from the hundreds of tools that could be used. The right tools will be able to save a lot of time, money, and hassle.

4. Revenue

It is difficult to convince managers that it’s not about cool, but about revenue. If what you’re doing does not increase revenue in some way, then it doesn’t matter how cool it is.

5. Relationships

Companies need to make the mental switch from seizing every opportunity to sell their market to instead look for ways to engage with the customer. Listen to what your customer is saying and make every effort to develop an ongoing communicative relationship. The relationship will be more valuable than a one-time sale.

6. The Future

A culture shift is required to not only support engagement in social media but also to adapt to become an authority within each network. Businesses need to listen to their communities and embrace new ideas while having the administrative structure and openness to convert those ideas into practicable services.

What challenges have you faced with your brand in social media?

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