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Social Media Advertising in the Auto Industry

7 Apr, 2017 McKell Naegle

As the world turns toward online shopping, the auto industry cannot afford to be left behind.

Buying a car is a huge investment, and while the sale may not actually happen before the consumer is able to see a vehicle in person, online advertising and social media is a good way to engage with him or her. Here are a few marketing tips to help grow your business in a digital world:

1. Promote events and in-store deals. One of the biggest goals of any auto provider is to get people to the dealership and see the inventory. Two great ways to do this is by promoting special events and in-store deals.

This can be holiday sales, inventory blowouts or any kind of event your company decides to host. Creating events on Facebook and boosting them to your targeted audience can help brand awareness while also creating buzz for your event.

2. Company reviews. No one likes a shady car salesman. No one. Social media is a great way to establish a good reputation with your potential customers.

Facebook and Google are two of the most popular platforms for reviews. Compiling these reviews into a blog post, photo album or interview video will help to further encapsulate the quality of your business. These can also be served as ads across your social accounts.

3. Show off your products. Social media ads are the perfect place to show your products to potential customers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and AdWords all have very detailed targeting.

You can target users by car brand, vehicle type or even those in the market for a new car. Showing off your products to these people will also help you attract new customers through word of mouth or post shares.

4. Social-specific contests and giveaways. One of the best ways to get people to follow and interact with you on social media is by sharing exclusive content on these channels.

Contests and discounts on social media will help you reach new people and bring more customers to your store. Creating posts about these giveaways and running ads can help reach a wide audience.

These are just a few ways to reach your audience through social media advertising. Remember, it’s important to build an environment of trust, be proud of your products, and interact regularly with customers. Doing this in conjunction with social ads will help you expand your reach and capitalize on a trillion-dollar online industry.

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