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SmartMedia2009—the place to be!

29 May, 2009 McKell Naegle


This is going to be a great event! Fluid will be presenting the Facebook session.

SmartMedia training events are designed to teach PR agencies, marketing professionals, corporate and independent media specialists, and technology evangelists of all stripes, the fundamental principles, concepts, and skills to effectively employ new media as a communication tool. This unique Bootcamp offers a fresh approach at learning how to use new media and the tools used to create and distribute it. In fact, our approach is on “showing” attendees how to use new media by getting them to “do” rather than simply “tell” them about it! Every aspect of SmartMedia training is focused on hands-on instruction with active participation by attendees. When we say active – we mean it! Participants will use every piece of technology demonstrated and interact with trainers personally.

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