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Small Business Marketing Tips

8 May, 2014 McKell Naegle

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges small businesses face. Small businesses’ staffs are usually busy tending to other business functions and are hard pressed to fit in one more thing. Also, marketing budgets are rather small because funding goes to cover costs such as inventory expenses, wages, rent, and so on. Therefore, this post will discuss ways to market a small business, mainly by using to social media, without taking too much time or money.


One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to market a company is to use social media. It’s free to create a profile and there are millions of people logging on each day. However, the key is to get likes and recognition. One thing to consider are the sponsored ads on Facebook. Although they cost money, the ad will be promoted on news feeds of users. This is a great way to promote the name if the business is new or looking to grow into a new market.


Another aspect to consider with social media is promotion of the business itself and its products. It’s not always good to dig for customers on social media. Try to create a friendship-type bond between the business and customer. Customers are much more likely to patronize a business they like and have a connection to than one always trying to throw deals at them. It might also help that the business owner shares the page from his or her personal account; this will put a face to the business.


Posts on social media should also encourage customer interaction. Facebook made changes to posts by non-personal account pages. In essence, the changes make posts with more likes, shares, or comments appear on more newsfeeds. If the post does not have many like, shares, or comments, it will not appear on the timelines of many the users who have liked the page. Posts to consider are ones that are include last comment contests, most-shares-in-a-week contests, like-this-post-for-a-deal posts, and other things along those lines.


Sites like Foursquare and other mobile check in sites are great to get involved with. These sites allow users to check in wherever they are. Foursquare also allows owners to promote the business to nearby users. Essentially, this is free advertising. If a customer checks in at a business all of their followers are notified. Facebook also has this feature. Sites like Yelp allow customers to review a business. Good reviews will help drive sales and expand the customer base.


The last tip is one not related to social media. It is to get involved in the community. Doing this allows community members and potential customers to put a face to the business and see that the business owners and workers are willing to give back to the community. It also allows the staff to meet people outside of the business in a more personal setting. Consumers would rather patronize a business that gives back and gets involved than one that does not.
Take a look at these digital marketing tips, and find out how strategy services can help your small business.


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