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Big Business vs. Small Business – Guerrilla Marketing

10 Jun, 2015 McKell Naegle

In the world of marketing, trying to get your name out there may feel like a classic case of David and Goliath, especially when your competition has more money and reputation backing up their every move. However, for small businesses guerrilla marketing is the secret weapon that, when used creatively, can make all the difference.


Guerrilla marketing is a tactic that was originally intended for small businesses because rather than requiring a big budget and an established reputation, it takes creativity and lots of energy. Big businesses use it as well, though. Sometimes when it’s done, it’s grand, noticeable, and expensive, like that time Nike crashed a massive soccer ball into the side of a building. Small businesses don’t need to worry about this tactic being completely stolen from them, though. Their campaign might not be a soccer ball in the side of a building, but it can have just as much of an impact.


When Sao Paulo, Brazil, banned any form of advertising in the city, GE was quick to come up with a creative solution. Instead of using billboards to get their message across, they used graffitti. The city of Sao Paulo now has towering and beautiful street art, courtesy of GE. You may not have enough money or manpower to create an image of that size, but reverse graffiti or moss graffiti are two other popular options that anyone could work with. (They’re legal, too!)


Kanye West also used guerrilla marketing to his advantage before the premiere of his album Yeezus by projecting minimalistic video of his song “New Slaves onto five buildings in Detroit. The campaign was very well received and can be used by smaller marketing teams, too. All you need is a projector and a wall big enough for people to notice.


In the end, with a good amount of energy and a whole lot of creativity, there’s no reason your brand can’t become just as well known as the biggest names out there.



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