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Slidejockey—iPad & iPhone presentations

14 Mar, 2011 McKell Naegle

SlideJockey is a great new iPhone and iPad app that you have to get if you do a lot of presentations.

It is really easy to work.

The Slidejockey iPad app comes with a demo presentation to help you grab the reins. It also allows you to import your own by uploading any Microsoft Powerpoint and/or Apple Keynote files to your account on the SlideJockey website.

The Slidejockey space is quite intuitive; the slides are laid out on your iPad screen space. In a natural motion, you can “flick” slides onto the projector screen using your finger in any order.

If you want to add extra emphasis or point something out, you can draw onto the iPad screen with your finger. This annotates the slide you are on.

The Slidejockey application allows the presenter to communicate with audience members as well. There is an iPhone app that gives audience members the ability to save any slides they want. If the presenter allow questions, the iPhone app allows for sending questions directly to the presenter.

How does the app tie in to an overhead display? Use a display adapter or wirelessly connect to a Mac where an OSX app will display the presentation

The iPad app can be downloaded HERE and the iPhone client is found HERE.

Looking for an iPad or iPhone developer? We suggest going to http://www.apprepro.com.

Have you used this the Slidejockey app? What do you think? Drop your comments below.


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