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Significance of Marketing Automation

22 May, 2014 McKell Naelge

Email marketing continues playing an increasing role in businesses’ overall marketing plan and strategy. However, how emails are built and distributed is important to the overall success of the campaign. Marketing automation software is made to improve the process of crafting, distributing, and examining. It also allows marketers and sales teams to better identify leads. Email marketing automation can help increase efficiency in marketing departments, sales departments, and budget for marketing. Improving efficiency in all of those areas will help increase a business’s sales, customer base, and overall performance.


Integration is one of the biggest advantages of marketing automation. This allows businesses to create campaigns that employ various means of communication such as social media, email, phone calls, and so on. By using these means of communication to spread a message, we can drive engagement rate up because different segments of customers are being hit buy the different platforms.


Marketing automation is also a big-time saver for sales and marketing teams. Without automation software, marketing teams must craft each email individually. This is a time-consuming process, especially when implementing a campaign. Automation software has premade templates that can be used, as well as easy design steps. Often, an entire campaign can be set up with automation software faster than one email can without automation software. Marketing automation also helps sales teams choose which leads to follow up with. Leads are scored and tracked to help give sales team members information on who is the best to call or meet with. Leads with higher scores are more ready to buy than those with low scores. Scores are determined by whether or not an email is opened, information is downloaded, and a website is accessed.


Automation systems also help drive revenue. Marketing teams can create more leads in less time, and sales teams can better identify leads that are ready to buy. This lead information will help increase sales because the sales team is getting in contact with potential customers at the correct time in the consumer life cycle. Also, through analyzing the data, automation shows how marketing campaigns are relating to revenue. Marketing automation software helps drive and nurture customers through the buying cycle and get the correct information to customers at the correct time.


Marketing automation software can be a key component for driving sales, making a business more efficient, and driving revenue. If your business could use some help with the process of marketing automation, take a look at some software. Keep in mind that there are many options out there and make the best choice for your business. Also, if you’re new to this who process or marketing in general, check out these tips on email marketing and our services.

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