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How To: Setting Up a Managed Facebook Page

4 Feb, 2015 McKell Naegle

Facebook provides an easy and cost-effective way to reach customers and market your business. However, its success is contingent upon your setting up the site correctly. Here are the steps to correctly set up a successful managed Facebook page for your business or organization.


1: Log in or create a Facebook account


Facebook recommends that you create a page through a personal account. You can create a page without having a personal account, but limitations are placed on the page. So, start out by logging into your account or signing up for one.


After logging in, you can create the page. You will access your organization’s page through your personal page, but they are separate entities. No user will be able to see your personal information through your business page. To start the process, click on the “Create Page” link under the upper right dropdown menu.


2: Create the Page


Facebook has six page categories to choose from: “Local Business or Place”; “Company, Organization, or Institution”; “Brand or Product’; “Artist, Band or Public Figure’; “Entertainment’; and “Cause or Community”. Facebook will automatically create a “place” if you choose “Local Business or Place.” So be sure you actually have a physical place for customers to come if you choose that option.


After choosing your category, you will then be ask to provide basic information about your business by picking a subcategory and entering other appropriate information. This form will appear once you click on a category tile.


3: Add your cover and profile photo


Users will see your profile photo by every post and comment you make. It is one of the more visible parts of your Facebook page. Your cover photo provides more visual content, but it will only be seen when users visit your page. It is a larger format than your profile picture. You can add both of these by going to their locations on your page and clicking “Add or upload photo.”


4: Enter basic info


Add your basic info to this section. It will appear under your cover photo. You will want to be as descriptive as possible in this section because it is what the users will most likely read first. Also, this page is crawled by Google, so include some of your keywords as well. Adding a link to your website is not a bad thing to do, either.


One you click the “Save Info” button, your page has been created.

5: Like your page and share something


Once your page is created, you can like it and post your first update. You won’t have any other likes, so no one will see your updates initially. However, posting before you have a following will allow users to see what you post before they like the page to see if they will like the information. Also, seeing that someone (yourself) has already liked the page may encourage others to like the page.


6: Finish the “About” section


You are going to need more than the small piece you wrote earlier in the process. There are also many other sections you can edit, such as company mission, products, awards, etc. Editable sections will vary with category types.


7: Setting up page admins


Admins are users who have access to your page and can post items from it. It could be just you or others who are helping you. To add an admin, go to the “Settings” section, which is found at the top of the page. Then select “Page Roles.” Type in the person’s email address and they will be added as an admin to the page, or if they are your friend on Facebook, type in their name and they will appear. You will then click “Admin” to select a role for the user, and finally you will click “Save.”


Make sure admins are people you trust and know will do a good, appropriate job.


8: Review your page


Your page is just about ready! Review everything you have done and make sure you have all relevant information included on your page. Share and invite people to your page to create a good following!

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