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SEO tips of the past

6 Sep, 2013 McKell Naegle

What Used To Work For SEO – Embarrassing SEO Trends

Every online marketer understands that one basic concept: Google is a bully. Annoyingly, search engine algorithms are always changing, so what worked last year may not work this year. There are a few SEO trends of the past that we are embarrassed to take responsibility for, almost as embarrassing as shoulder pads, parachute pants, trucker hats, and popped collars.

Article Submission Sites

In the not-so-distant past, I used to have a list of article submission sites where I could submit articles all for the purpose of building a link and manipulating the search engines. It was so easy to create a low-quality article that included your keywords. The article generally looked like a foreigner trying to learn English wrote it. The anchor text in the articles were generally forced and made no sense. A true SEO guy will see the sentence below and laugh while feeling just a little bit guilty.

San Diego Plastic Surgery Center is helped you lead the life you want for making you beautiful and young again.”

I am not saying that article submissions no longer add value. All I am saying is that your custom SEO campaign shouldn’t consist of submitting poorly written articles with oddly placed anchor text to sketchy sites.

Fake Personas

When you submitted to article submission sites, were you doing it under a false persona and a fake account? A couple of years ago, I was actually directed by a higher-up to create “credible personas” for all of our clients. Each persona included a fake name, age, gender, location, hobbies, education and marital status. So instead of building real relationships with blog owners, we would contact them with these awful fake personas just so that our blogger contacting efforts would look unified.

Article Spinning

Lets say you wrote a great article, but you need 200 articles; you are still 199 short. Using specialized software, you could write one great piece of content, paste the article in the software and blammo!—The article just replaced every word possible with a synonym. After 200 articles of having each word replaced the article didn’t make sense at all. For example:

Original sentence

Fall is the perfect season to go on vacation because of the cooler temperatures.


Spun sentence

Autumn is the best time to go on leave since of the cool degrees.


Spun-Spun sentence

Winter is the optimized time to leave on break since the comfortable weather.


Can you see how the meaning gets lost and the original message is completely absent? Spinning would take your original article and twist it, stretch it and turn it inside out so that you were posting “original content.” It’s original, all right.

Keyword Stuffing

Stuffing keywords into content for search engines generally happens in the content and the meta information. Keyword stuffing is pretty straightforward. The objective of this antiquated practice was to saturate the content with your keywords in hopes that search engines would find your content and rank you for those words you were cramming into the content.

Keyword is the best at helping your company. Keyword is easy to use, keyword is cheap, keyword can help keyword and cut down on your expenses. Because keyword is so helpful, people having been adopting keyword into the daily lives. For keyword information please visit keyword.com.


This highly frowned-upon practice is probably one of my favorites! Basically, cloaking is making all of your keywords the same color as the background of your website. This made it so that you could hide all of your keywords from the human eye while making them discoverable only to search engines.



Did you employ any other tactics in your SEO campaigns that you cringe at now? What was your parachute pants SEO tactic? Comment below what you can’t believe you used to do in the name of link building!

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