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SEO tips and tricks for the small business owner (Part 1)

27 Sep, 2010 McKell Naegle

SEO Utah Fluid Studio Salt Lake

Being found on Google and Yahoo is what is on everyone’s mind these days.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a buzz word that will be around for a long time.

If SEO is a fact of life that we must all live with, we might as well enjoy the ride, correct?

Here are a few tips and tricks for the common business owner looking to make sure they are found on the web (our many thanks to the sources who submitted many of these tips).

  • Length (70 characters) – Google will only show 70 characters on its search results page (SERP) so you want to make sure that the most important stuff is at the beginning while the brand is at the end. Thanks to @SorbetDigital
  • Numbers – Numbers, that is digits, not written numbers, are quite popular on the Web these days, especially on social media. The top 10 ways to do something are better than just ways to do it. When it comes to search though most people don’t use numbers or digits. On the other hand your click through rate (CTR) might still depend on the numbers contained in your title tag. Would you prefer 10, 30 or 101 ways to do something? It depends on the context but in many cases you will go for the higher number as a searcher.
  • Blanks/Spaces – Most people use blanks or spaces as separators by default. As long as the title tag reflects a sentence structure it works quite well as in “the ocean is blue”. Some people tend to list keywords using spaces though. The outcome is something like this: “SEO Services SEO Company India Search Engine Optimization (SEO) India”. While such a title may rank well, it’s #1 for [seo india] right now, the very poor readability and spammy appearance will result in a lower CTR.
  • Keyword Repetition – Some time ago it was a best practice to repeat your keyword twice in your title tag once varying it slightly. In recent years Google recognizes more and more variations. Thus you don’t have to repeat as many of them anymore. Keyword repetition can have both a positive or a negative impact on your ranking. Especially repeating a keyword more than twice can lead to a penalty for keyword stuffing, unless it really makes sense semantically.

These are just a few of many options and ideas with SEO.

Can you think of other SEO tips and tricks? Write them in teh comments below!

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