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How to Use SEO Locally for Your Automotive Business

13 Apr, 2017 Alex Naylor

Buying a car in this day and age couldn’t be any easier. With the invention of the internet and smartphone, people have more convenient options to find the car that fits their needs. There are multiple websites that are competing to be on top, and the automotive industry is no different. But making your business stand out among your competition can seem like a daunting task. That’s why SEO Locally for Your Automotive Business plays an important role.

Improving your website and optimizing it to search engine standards will make it easier and simpler to search for you or your business, and companies such as Google use multiple ways of populating search results. search engine optimization boost company’s Here are some tips and tricks to help your automotive business standout locally.

First, it is important to know that people are increasingly using their mobile devices to search for what they need. This is especially true when it comes to buying a car. People are on the hunt to find what they want, and it is useful to have a tool such as a smartphone to expand on their search. Being able to optimize your website to be mobile friendly can determine whether they will even see your site or not. The less friendly the website is on mobile, the more people will turn away from your business. There are multiple tools out there to help grade your website on its mobile friendliness.

Second, you need to standout within the ranking systems of the search engine. There are a couple methods of going about this. Most important is optimizing the keywords on your website. Keywords are used by the search engine to find the used words or phrases that link to your website. The more relevant the word or phrase, the more likely the search engine will show your site as a result. Secondary is link building. Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites into your own. Basically, link building is like a leaderboard. The more your website is linked from other sources (i.e. blogs, articles, etc.), the higher your website will be on the leaderboard when returning results.

And finally, it is vital to understand that more and more people are relying on reviews to determine their choices. The more reviews, the higher likelihood your business will stand out on top. By using SEO tools and ranking higher on search engines, people are more likely to see and interact with your site – and thus potentially bring in reviews.

Understanding that people are using mobile devices every day and optimizing your site to this medium with keywords and link-building will make your website more relevant within the local search results. The higher your website is listed, the more likely it will be seen and the more likely people will use and rate the business, driving in more potential customers. The tools are out there and are ready to be used.

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