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Add to Cart: How SEO Can Boost Your E-commerce Site

19 Jul, 2017 Vanessa Santa Cruz

From ordering cocktail dresses to bangle bracelets, oriental vases to sofas and doorknobs to sprinklers, e-commerce is a significant online business. So how can SEO make a bigger impact to your already impactful e-commerce site? The sad truth is that most e-commerce sites are inefficient from an SEO perspective. Why? Because people take it for granted.

We listed some of the items to have in mind if you work with an e-commerce site. By applying some of these tactics, you could quickly make changes to gain over your competitors and swiftly raise your search traffic.

So what should you do to get your e-commerce site fully optimized? The first step is to focus primarily on keyword strategy and page optimization.

Keyword Strategy

The starting point for any SEO campaign should be keyword research, and e-commerce SEO is no different. Without proper keyword research, you’ll be flying blind – relying on a “gut feeling” to drive your campaign. Here are two approaches you should take when researching your site’s keywords:

  1. Be Unique

Your competitors will be targeting “main” keywords that you’ll also want to rank for, such as your products, your brands, your categories, etc. But don’t go after the exact same keywords. If your competitor has a stronger link profile, then they’re probably going to out-rank you in search results. So if you are competing with high rollers, then it is better to put your attention on the low competition keywords. Focus your attention on the ones with great volume, that are more attached to your goals and will be easy to rank for.

  1. Keywords from Bloggers

Google “fashion blogs” and you’ll find plenty of potential keywords. Perhaps not in terms of business, but definitely in terms of search traffic. Blogs are a great place to look for keyword ideas, providing the right search volume and a very low difficulty score.

Page Optimization

Once you get your audience to the product page itself, you can still improve your SEO. Here are two easy tactics to start with. 

  1. Switching to HTTPS

The first change is simple: switch the entire domain from HTTP to HTTPS. Why? Google has confirmed that there is a slight rankings boost for sites serving content over HTTPS. This boost could be because a favor toward more secured data. Ecommerce stores will have an average number of forms which collect personal details from users, so make sure all data is encrypted (not just credit card details).

  1. Optimizing Category Pages and Images

It can be tempting to populate an ecommerce store as quickly as possible – throwing products up with little regard for SEO. Make sure that you are writing unique descriptions for every single product on your site. Not only is it good for SEO purposes, but it’s also good for customer experience – something Google will always prefer. Remember, a well-written description and high-quality images will sell more products!

Adding purchase-intent keywords to your titles can bring in long tail traffic from searchers who are likely to be in “buying mode.” Also, a unique description for each category guarantees Google has some content to index. This reduces the risk of thin content penalties.

However, if you are promoting your products on Amazon as well as your own site, then make sure you have a different description on your site. As we mentioned above, your competitor with more authority will rank higher for the same keyword. Amazon often throws up products quickly, relying on their authority to rank. Our tip? Give them the original, basic description and save the detailed and engaging content for yourself.

There are so many ways SEO can help boost your ecommerce success. Here at Fluid, we’re proud to be experts in digital marketing and advertising. If you need any assistance in growing your business, then just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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