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Selling Graphic Design

18 Jul, 2008 McKell Naegle

We are currently training out of this book in our Friday sales meetings. There are some good thoughts (not totally mind-blowing, but definitely time-tested). Here are some of the best ideas in Chapter 3 (HOW TO NEVER HAVE TO COLD CALL AGAIN).

The 1st step in selling graphic design is to realize it is not all fun and games. Design must have an ROI, otherwise business-savvy firms focused on the bottom line will not see its value.

Understand your prospective client’s needs! Do your homework!

Speak to the assistant and ask as many questions as he/she will let you:
1-What type of creative work is done in their dept.?
2-What is the correct spelling and title of their boss’ name?
3-Are they happy with their designers? Do they do everything in-house or use out of house help?
4-If you received a referral to this company, does this person know the person who referred you? If so, is that person seen in a good light at the company you are pursuing as a client?
5-How are design decisions made in the company (i.e., who is the decision maker)?

90% of the job is preparation, and 10% is actually performing what it is you prepared for in the first place

How to prepare your portfolio
Organize you portfolio by your client’s needs (e.g., don’t show them identity sets if they need collateral)

Put your best work in front and at the end. Bookend you presentation with your WOW! Factor!

Don’t overstay your welcome; do what you need to do to warm the situation, get to your pitch, and then go. Pick up on verbal and physical cues to know when to leave.

Find out how they like to work (how many concepts they would like to see, what scheduling they would like to follow, deadlines, etc.) Get client and studio on the same page!

Invite them to your studio to see your facility and meet the designers. This helps to further cement the relationship! Do whatever you can to get them in, wow them, and help them make multiple points of contact with your firm. People do business with people they like and trust—do everything you can to create these two things!

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