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Seal the Deal With New Business

12 Feb, 2016 McKell Naegle

Courting a client can be a romantic strenuous process. Staying on the phone for minutes at a time, long walks down the hallway, and a dimly lit PowerPoint presentation all lead to one thing: D.T.R. This is a Utah term that stands for “define the relationship.” Now that you have been thinking about each other non-stop, how will you seal the deal and take your client relationship to the next level?

As an ad agency, after we show a potential suitor our portfolio, it’s like we are giving a part of our heart away. We are vulnerable. It’s like saying, “I love you” and not hearing anything in return.

Awkward Love Story for Valentines Day

Because it’s February, I want to show you a few ways you can show potential clients that you love their products and services and want to work with them without being awkward.

Chandler Awkward Love


Setting appropriate expectations is one of the most critical steps when defining your relationship with your prospective client. Have you heard the phrase “oversell and under-deliver?” This happens when you set inappropriate expectations by lying about the expected results. Being honest from the very beginning will ensure a long-lasting relationship with your significant other the client.


With current or prospective relationships, it is critical that you over-communicate. Nothing will weaken a relationship faster than poor communication. If you don’t return a prospect’s calls or reply to their emails why would a prospect think that communication will improve once they sign on? You have to treat them like a needy significant other.

Kiiroo Hang Up


Clients want to know that you care about them and that they aren’t just a dollar sign. When reaching out to leads and other prospects, show them that you are a human being and not simply a person trying to take their money. Ask them about their family or tell them about a fun activity that you did recently. You have to make a personal connection before it’s too late. Remembering details of previous conversations will help others see your sincerity. Following up on action items as quickly as possible will show your potential client how dedicated your company is to their growth.

The point is that you are trying to forge a friendship. Perhaps a relationship won’t work right now, but that doesn’t mean that you just close the door and never return. Creating a genuine relationship means that as the years pass on you may both change jobs and companies, but the possibility for new business romance is always present.

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