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Robots and Jobs

10 Jul, 2018 Kayla LeFevre Digital Marketing

Robots are taking over?! Well, sort of.

The workforce industry is seeing some major changes. Algorithms to predict our thoughts, machines to repeat a task without a lunch break, websites to recite facts collected from thousands of books within seconds – technology is evolving at rapid speeds with the push of reducing redundancy in the every-man’s working day.

But this is a double-sided coin, with the other side causing more and more job loss. And with these losses come plenty of economic anxiety, especially when artificial intelligence has the capability to learn faster than us measly humans. So how can we rest assured that our superiority will stay in place in this brand new world?

Rene Descartes’ famous philosophical statement “I think, therefore I exist” was his break-through realization that we can trust that we really do exist and not just imagining this life simply because of the fact that we’re capable of questioning our own existence. So like the modern interpretation of Descartes, the fact that we can question the morality and consequences of AI makes us superior to it.

“Though computer algorithms can create interesting data-driven solutions to monotonous tasks such as strategically seating airplane passengers in the most efficient way, AI won’t able be able to create a solution that takes into account the emotional and physical needs of those passengers” (Forbes).

So is your job in jeopardy? Well, that depends. The aim of artificial intelligence is to reduce repetitive tasks that can be done by, well, a robot. “Our current phase of increasing automation will create new kinds of employment for those who have been made redundant,” reports NBC in their opinion piece, Will Robots Take Your Job? Scanning a bar code over and over? Now there’s self-checkout, giving you time to turn the front display into something truly eye catching. Making the same report every morning? Boom, new reporting software installed so you can spend more time planning the next big project that batters the company.

If this sounds like all the jobs on the market, don’t fret. There was once anxiety of the new invention of cars killing all the horse and buggy jobs, only to discover that new jobs accompanied the new invention. And sure enough, new job markets are already blossoming to tame this wild robotic horse, like CNC machining and even SEO services (like the kind Fluid does… (*insert shameless plug here…).

But more importantly, we should all remember why we’re creating machines to automate our jobs in the first place: so that we can use our 24 hours doing things that matter more. Like writing poems and stories; painting and drawing; playing music; and pretty much any activity that depends on the human experience and interpretation in order to exist. Emotions and intuition are something that AI can never replace – at least, not in our near future.

Basically, if a robot can do your job, then is it really worth your time in the first place? Maybe with the evolution of AI comes the liberation of creativity.

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