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Reviving a Dead Blog Post

15 Oct, 2015 McKell Naegle

Bringing life to an old blog postToday, we will be learning from Dr. Victor Frankenstein. After studying the chemical process of decay of living creatures, Dr. Frankenstein pieced together a humanoid creature from miscellaneous corpses and successfully brought it back to life.Reviving a dead blog post

Like Doctor Frankenstein, we put a lot of effort into our work. For us, that’s creating content. So it’s a waste when that blog post we put so much effort into is now dead and not receiving any traffic. How can we revive it? Would a grave robber pass over your blog post and leave it undisturbed since there aren’t any valuables in it? Below are a few Halloween-inspired tips that you could add to your content marketing bag of tricks and treats and bring your blog post back from the dead.


Digging Up Your Dead Blog Posts

First, you need to decide which blog posts are no longer pulsing with life. Here’s how to find the most valuable pages in Google Analytics. If you need help finding your most visited pages in Google Analytics, check out this blog post. Broaden the date range to see when some of your most popular posts stopped breathing and receiving visits.

Siri Dead Body

Beef Up Your Article

Unlike the body you’re disposing of, you want people to find your post.

  • Make sure your meta data is optimized. What is meta data?
  • Add more text that shows your soul and passion.
  • Add visual appeal through photos, graphics or videos.
  • Inject it with links from newer article.

Brag about your post by chopping it up and spreading out the bits.

  • Send it out in a newsletter.
  • Submit it to sites like StumbleUpon.
  • Share is through your social networks.
  • Recycle your article by turning it into a slide deck and submitting it to Slideshare.

If you are looking for other ways to promote your blog, here are some off-page SEO tips. If you don’t want to put in the effort into reviving your blog, just remember, the best place to a hide body is page two of Google.



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