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Retailers Stepping Forward to Assist in “Going-Green”

29 Aug, 2008 McKell Naegle

Several retailers are stepping up to assist their customers recycle and “go-green”.  Here are a couple of retailers who in my book, get an “A” for their programs.


Recycle and get Rewards — follow the below link, and get Shopko gift cards for your trouble!

(excerpt from their website)
Shopko and GreenSight have partnered to provide you a safe and easy way to dispose of your unwanted electronic equipment. Help the environment, and get rewarded. By following GreenSight’s simple recycling process, you can exchange your old equipment for Shopko gift cards.

For information go to : http://www.shopko.com/RecyclingandRewards.aspx


Do you have CFL bulbs that are burned out? Don’t throw them away! They may save energy, but they also have harmful chemicals inside that can harm the environment. Take them to your local Home Depot Store – they will recycle these for you! For more information – please check out their website at: http://www6.homedepot.com/ecooptions/index.html?

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