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Real-Time Web Analytics

26 Jan, 2010 McKell Naegle

Here are some great tools we have found for real-time web analytics:


Topsy: A search engine powered by tweets

Daily RT: Summarizes the most popular retweets (RTs). The more you are retweeted, the more influence you probably have. By viewing RTs, you are more likely to get quality content as a retweet is similar to having another Twitter user be an advocate for your information. A must for those looking for a real-time web analytics tool!


Tweetcloud: Finds terms being used in the context of your search term


What the Trend: Reveals the hottest trends and also gives you information as to why a trend is hot. Each trend has a description that has been recently written by a user similar to how Wikipedia gets information from users on a variety of topics. Another great real-time web analytics tool!

What other real-time web analytics tools are you aware of?

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