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Real Life Marketing: UtahTaxHelp.org

7 Apr, 2016 McKell Naegle

Since 2005, Community Action Partnership of Utah has saved Utahns $29.4 million in tax preparation fees. Learn how they’ve been successful at reaching their target audience.


In this episode we sat down with regional coordinator, Greg McDonald, to talk about how they promote their program. Community Action Partnership of Utah leads a statewide coalition called Earn It. Keep it. Save It. with an aim to “strengthen family financial stability through Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) outreach, free tax preparation, and asset formation programs.”

We uncovered one key way this nonprofit has found success marketing their programs. During the course of the conversation, we asked about digital marketing, social media, and everything in between. But the way he answered one question highlights the core of one really important concept — defining your target audience.

How do you reach the younger demographic of about 30 years old and under?

“We’ll do email blasts, Facebook, Twitter… all the [channels] we’re familiar with that you hear about. What we are trying now is, instead of generic Facebook, it’s more targeted. We want that email blast to go out to college students, or a specific college. How do we get Salt Lake Community College Students involved? University of Utah, BYU, Utah Valley University … all of them, all across the state to come to UtahTaxHelp.org.”


Fluid Advertising had the privilege of executing this campaign. We used our partners at major media outlets, university campus media, social advertising to augment organic posts, and emails.

Our favorite channel for this campaign was email. With email marketing, we were able to reach a highly targeted audience of over 100,000 Utahns and this channel has performed far better than the rest with higher quality conversions. Even though email performed well, we decided that that a balanced approach across major media outlets and also social media would reach a broader audience.

It’s worth noting that we saw fantastic results from a series of social posts made by one of our media partners in conjunction with a native ad (paid news article) that ran on their home page.

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