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Real Life Marketing: Noble House Furniture and Design

3 Mar, 2016 McKell Naegle

Fluid Advertising had the pleasure of visiting Noble House Furniture & Design. Noble House is an interior design and furniture store in Bountiful, Utah.

We interviewed Angie Winchester, one of their talented and skilled designers to get a better idea of the services and products they offer and more importantly, how they market them.

Angie shared the personal story of how Noble House Furniture and Design began, their clear understanding of their key demographic and what keeps clients returning to their store over and over again.


Question 1: Personas are a really big part of marketing. Marketing is about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Have you developed personas for your furniture and interior design store and do you know what your clientele looks like?

We absolutely know what our clientele looks like. They are mostly women who are looking to improve their home. We also have people who come in that are starting their home from scratch and we help them from the ground up. But I would say that most of the time it is someone who has put his or her home together and is ready to do a beautiful job of renovating it. We work really hard to help them come up with a look that they are hoping for and dreaming of and making their home a place that they love to walk into.

Interior Decorating in Utah

Question two: What do you do from a social media perspective?

We are on Instagram, Facebook, Google +. One of our designers is really good at social media and comes in every Friday specifically to work on social media. We send out pictures of our new offerings in the store and making sure that any specials that are coming are on there and notify people that way. But more importantly, its fun to get a conversation going about design and what we offer.

Utah Home Accessories

Question three:  During a large snow storm or something else that might prevent people from coming out is that a time that you might send an email or some other touch point?

Yes! We definitely try to monitor that and make sure that we are giving an incentive or a reason so come see us. We have to do that to stay in business. We have an email list and anyone can get on it and that is really where we send out everything that we are doing in the store. We try to send it out at least twice a month sometimes more to our best clientele.

Sofas in Utah

Before we left we had a roundtable discussion with all of their designers. This gave us deeper insight into their extensive knowledge and, more importantly, their friendly and warm personalities.


Fluid’s Real Life Marketing series goes live into business headquarters to show how company’s define themselves, their culture, and their audience. You’ll learn how to manage, build, and market specific industries, directly from the companies that do it every day. If you would like Fluid to visit your office and film your very own Real Life Marketing episode, leave a comment or contact us.

Home accessories in Utah

Fluid Advertising, an ad agency in Utah, visits with local business owners on a regular basis to create episodes for our Real Life Marketing series. Check out one of our favorites when we visited with Chef Buzz of Pallet Bistro.

Chef Buzz from SLC Restaurant PALLET
Chef Buzz from SLC Restaurant PALLET

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