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Pulse Interactive Media

3 Nov, 2011 McKell Naegle

Fluid Studio recently had a general company management meeting with Orbit Irrigation Products where we invited Pulse Interactive Media to present. I have also been with them as they have presented at ConnectShare and other networking associations.

Pulse Interactive Media is a forward-looking company. Originally, it was Wendy Azad’s brainchild. She wanted to take the BORING out of meetings and events. Armed with an audience response system, she began to add interactive elements to corporate gatherings. They also started adding interactive entertainment, Link2 technology, and smart phone polling.

Using Pulse’s system, it adds a lot to otherwise mundane and boring meetings. They help in many ways:

Presenters improve engagement and attentiveness
Increase knowledge retention
Track individual responses
Display polling results immediately
Create an interactive and fun learning environment
Confirm audience understanding of key points immediately
Gather data for reporting and analysis
Easy medium of direct opt-in marketing

Who have they worked for?

Some of the biggest and best companies.

Check them out if you have a few minutes!

In the meantime, have a laugh compliments of SNL (wish more meetings were this entertaining) . . .

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