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ABC’s of PPC For Education

30 Jun, 2017 Dejan Cuk Digital Marketing

Tips for increasing student enrollment online

It’s not a secret that paid ads are important for many types of businesses and industries out there, but one that sometimes gets overlooked is education. Students unsure of what college or university to attend will go online for their answers and if you aren’t optimizing for their queries, somebody else is.

However, the tricky part is utilizing pay per click (PPC) in a way that’s brining you back conversions, because at end of the day that’s all that matters. The Avg. cost per click (CPC) can range for different programs (i.e. nursing, business, etc), but typically is around $25-$40 when doing a national campaign to get as many students as possible.

Here are some tips you can do to separate your ad from the rest of the competition.


  • Online Classes
    • In recent years, the online colleges have gained a lot of traction and continue to do so. If your school offers an online program, you might want to test out some of the copy and perhaps create dedicated campaigns for it, as shown in the example below.


  • Affordability
    • Majority of Americans believe the cost of a college education at a state university is unaffordable, so what do you do to have them consider your college? You must have some sort of financial aid of course, but whatever financial support you do offer, you should highlight that in your ad. Again, just like the “Online Classes” tip shown above, this alone can call for an “Affordable College” campaign you’re doing on AdWords or Bing.


  • Branded
    • Having a registered trademark is important both off and online. In recent years, there has been an increase in education competition. What you need is to ensure your school name cannot be used by others due to AdWords/Bing policy, though they would only violate IF you trademarked it. If not, another school can simply steal your potential students away from you. Again, University of Phoenix comes out on top when it comes from a PPC perspective on how to do it correctly.


In Conclusion, these are the best practices you can do to help your college or university stand apart from the completion when it comes to either Google AdWords or Bing Ads. If you’d like to explore a further detailed plan for your school, please feel free to contact a Google certified partner at Fluid Advertising HERE.

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