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What Goes Bump In The Night – PPC Automation

15 Oct, 2015 McKell Naegle

What Goes Bump in the Night, PPC Automation Can Protect You!

Have you ever left your PPC campaigns running over night, only to find the next day that something went terribly wrong? You’re not alone. PPC is a fast changing world where a given campaign can be breaking records across all metrics one minute, and the next day it might take a hard turn and set new records for the worst metrics ever. So how do you protect yourself against such volatility? Let us answer that for you

AdWords Automation

adwords automation

Automated Rules can be a great way to protect yourself from scary results.  AdWords Automation can be a scary idea, but don’t worry! You can basically set your whole campaign on auto-pilot with automated rules.  One that would be worth using is the “Pause campaigns” setting.  This one you can set to pause as many campaigns of yours as you would like when a certain metric is reached.  For example, cost.  If you are worried about your campaign overspending, set an automated rule to pause your campaign when it hits a certain cost threshold. Trust in automation but be smart when setting it up.


Its generally good advice to not turn on any new campaigns, ad groups, or other drastic changes on a Friday and leave them unchecked until you get back to the office on Monday. If you absolutely must turn on something new on a Friday, and won’t be able to monitor it over the weekend, use Automated rules to manage it.

AdWords Editor

If you have not been using the AdWords Editor tool, you need to download it right now! AdWords Editor allows you to make changes to your accounts offline, and post them live.  You can make changes to your accounts from anywhere in the world!

Email Notifications

email notification in adwords

You can set up your AdWords account to notify you when there is a change that you need to know about. By changing your notification settings, you can be emailed to be notified about the following issues:

  • Billing alerts
  • Campaign maintenance alerts
  • Newsletters
  • Google market research
  • Customized help and performance suggestions
  • Disapproved ads and policy alerts
  • Reports
  • Special offers

To change your settings, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account
  2. Click the gear icon adwords settings
  3. Select Notification settings from the side navigation.


PPC campaigns require constant attention and care.  Don’t leave them alone for too long or things might get out of control and you will blow your budget before you even realize what has happened.  When given the proper attention PPC will help you grow your business and be a more effective marketer.

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