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PPC Advertising Tips

10 Jun, 2014 McKell Naegle

PPC marketing—pay-per-click marketing—is one of the best ways to expose your business to potential customers. Keywords are bid on in hopes of displaying high in search results and driving searchers to your business’s website. Managing PPC campaigns and implementing them takes a significant amount of work and time, and you need to make sure that it pays off. The following tips will help put together a successful PPC campaign.


The starting point for all PPC campaigns is the brainstorming of keywords. Include both long tail and short tail keywords in the campaign. The long tail keywords will help with more specific searches, while the short tail key words will allow the ad to appear in more broad searches. The long tail keywords will usually provide higher quality traffic then the short tail keywords because people are actively searching for that type of product or service. In the short tail keyword’s case, it will appear in more broad searches, meaning that the searcher could be looking for something entirely different, but your ad will still show up because of the short tail keyword. This could result in receiving traffic that is not searching for your offerings. Since you pay for every click from the ad to your website, having a lot of people click through without buying isn’t good. Your ROI will be best when searchers are clicking through and buying. So, focus on long tail keywords to drive sales and to target the correct audience, and use short tail keywords for exposure.


Ad groups are also crucial background components. Search engines look at the organization of your ad group to decide on keywords to use for each ad in your PPC campaign. So, consistency is important. Consistency needs to start with the ad groups and keywords and continue through the ad copy and landing page. This will also help with the quality score, which we will touch on in a little bit. Also, make sure everything stays relevant throughout the campaign.


The copy you put into the ad is another major component. It is always good to include the keywords in the copy, along with something that differentiates your company’s ad from all the others. This could be a promotion or event that is coming up. Including your website URL also helps out. Additionally, with use of mobile technology always increasing, a click-to-call feature would be good thing to add in. The ad copy serves as the main attraction and driver to the site, so make sure not to skip over this section.


The quality score of the ad is critical to how visible the ad is and how high up on the page it is. Ads are scored by how relevant the ad is to the keyword, if the landing page is relevant to the ad, how relevant the other PPC keywords are to the ad, the click-through rate, and historical performance of past PPC campaigns by the user. Basically, make sure everything is relevant to the campaign. That will ensure better rankings and better overall performance of the campaign.


Not only is the landing page important to the quality score of your ad campaign, but it is also key to driving people through to your website. Keep it simple and relevant to the PPC campaign. Make sure it is specific to your selling point mentioned in the ad copy. Doing so will keep customers focused and will not confuse them when they hit the landing page. Also, make sure the chosen keywords are used often throughout the landing page.


Make sure you are consistently analyzing and changing keywords during your campaign. Keywords that people use to search are constantly changing, and you need to stay ahead to continue to drive traffic. Making a spreadsheet and tracking your keywords are good things to do. Also, Google Analytics allows you to track and document the data from you campaign, letting you drop keywords or ad groups that are not performing well.


PPC campaigns can really help expose your business to new customers. Although they require a lot of work, the additional sales and exposure they yield should make them worth your time. These tips should help you establish the basic starting points to help create a successful PPC campaign.


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