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Power Editor 101: For newbies like me…

30 Jun, 2016 Alex Naylor

Power Editor is a Facebook Premium marketing tool that lets any digital marketer create, control and customize Ads all in one place.

Now, having all that power might seem overwhelming at first (it was for me), but once you understand the basics, you’ll love how efficient the the process is.

Creation Basics

It all begins with the creation process by figuring out the look, subject, CTA and format. Power Editor allows digital marketers to do that. The tool also lets you to breakdown and control where your Ad(s) appear and when they are viewed in the various formats.

1. Name your campaign

2. Create your Ad Set:

  • Budget and schedule
  • Bidding (optimization and pricing)
  • Target audience
  • Placement3. Design your Ad — This is where you can be creative with the headline, CTA, image, text, ad location, etc.4. Upload and manage your campaign


    Do you have a bulk amount of Ads?

    Good news. Power Editor allows you to upload a bulk excel CSV file for your Ads at one time. Using this feature, you can save time by uploading and editing Ads and Ad Sets in bulk with a simple click of a button.

        1. Click the Manage Ads tab at the top of Power Editor.
        2. Click Campaigns, Ad Sets or Ads in the left menu.
        3. Select the boxes next to each campaign, Ad Set or Ad you would like to edit.
        4. Click and select either Export Selected or Export All.
        5. Open the Excel spreadsheet that you exported from Power Editor and make any changes necessary.
        6. Save the spreadsheet. You cannot edit the Ad ID, Campaign ID and Image Hash fields.
        7. Select Import Ads in Bulk. Then select File, choose your saved Excel file from your computer and click Import.
        8. Click Review Changes and check the items you want to publish.

    Custom Audience

    Power Editor has an advanced organization and targeting tool called Custom Audience. It allows you to create specific, granular audience targets and page partnerships using various locations, times, interests and actions. Using this information, you can test and analyze performance, gain leadership and look-a-like audiences for campaigns, save audiences and control Ad visibility for various users.


    1. Go to Audiences

    2. Click Create Audience in the upper right-hand corner and select Custom Audience.

    3. Choose whether you’d like to create your Custom Audience from a customer list, web traffic data captured by a Pixel you have installed on your website or                  install data pulled from your app or game.  Note: An uploaded customer list must be a .CSV Excel file with a single column of data and no heading.

    4. Follow the instructions to create your Custom Audience.






    How to Use Facebook Power Editor: A Complete Guide 

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