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Pioneering Social Media

22 Jul, 2011 McKell Naegle


July 24th in Utah brings with it fireworks, BBQs, and many stories of pioneers. Pioneers aren’t just those who crossed the plains to get to Utah, many years ago; they are also among us today. One of the greatest examples of modern day pioners are the people who pioneered the social media revolution.

Exerpt from Shel Israel’s Pioneers of Social Media

Six years and one week ago, Robert Scoble and I published a book called Naked Conversations. Like so many authors, we wanted to finish the book with some sort of visionary big picture for the impact of blogs and podcasts on business and society. We came up with this outlandish forecast that some day in the distant future the revolution that has become social media would transform the institutions of business, government, education, journalism, health, entertainment and religion.

We had no idea how far, wide and fast “some day” would occur. We did not see Twitter coming. We never would have forecast 600 million people on a college dating network called Facebook. We did not envision that in our lifetime presidential candidates, rock stars and revolutionary would embrace the tools on a regular basis.

And that was just six years ago, about halfway through a revolution that is now coming to a close. Until now, it has disruptive the status quo. It has been disdained and disliked by many people in power. Now it is being embraced almost everywhere.

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