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Social Media Educational Series—LinkedIn

2 Apr, 2009 McKell Naegle


Fluid Studio is excited to offer Part 2 of the Social Media Educational Series for Utah and help you become familiar with LinkedIn! (Click here for the presentation slides from Part 1 on Twitter).

This 90-minute discussion will be on Wednesday, April 22nd at 11:30 a.m.

The current plan is to host it at the Metropolitan Restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City (173 West Broadway). Lunch will be provided.

For businesses or groups that wish to maximize their marketing dollars and not get left behind in the world of social media, Fluid is only charging a nominal fee of $29/person for the education series.

If you sign up before Friday April 10th, we are offering a discounted rate of $19! Click HERE or purchase a ticket below to register.

Why are we doing this?

Fluid Studio believes social media is an effective marketing tool for you and your business.

  • Cost—compared to traditional marketing, social media is relatively inexpensive and can be created and deployed quickly and efficiently.
  • Reach—social media has the ability to directly reach target audiences and demographics down to their specific current interests, past experiences, etc.
  • Return on Investment (ROI)—Using the analytics inherent in social media tools, you can create, distribute, and track web, video, e-mail, and other social media marketing tools immediately.

About the Presenter:

John Dye, President of Fluid Studio, has been a longtime participant in social media realms and has helped numerous companies effectively incorporate social media into their overall marketing strategy. John will help businesses first understand the basics of LinkedIn before moving on to some of the more practical and advanced features.

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