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On a Mission to Save Water

4 May, 2012 McKell Naegle

Did you know you can save 3,000 gallons of water by avoiding one unnecessary watering from your sprinkler system? That roughly equates to 55 barrels filled with water. Shocking, isn’t it? Now, imagine if you were able to cut 8 cycles this summer from your watering schedule. You would be saving around 24,000 Gallons of water! That’s money in the bank.

Orbit Irrigation is on a mission to save water and we want to help. They have devised three easy steps any home owner can implement. First, start your system right; second, set your sprinkler timer schedule; and third, manage your watering frequency over the summer. Setting up an irrigation schedule is also very helpful when wanting to save water using your sprinkler system.

To make saving water even more satisfying O
rbit is giving away the ultimate college bowl package. You could win ticket, travel, and meals to a BYU, USU, or U of U bowl game, and just to make it interesting the water you save is measured and attributed to the school of your choice.

Learn water saving tips and enter to win the contest at www.protectyourhometurf.com.

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