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Mobile Marketing to Grow in 2010

21 Jul, 2010 McKell Naegle

With 45 million Smartphone users now in the United States, searching on mobile web browsers has increased significantly. Google’s mobile search volume has grown more than fivefold over the last two years. Google’s new click-to-call mobile ads have helped with the overall increase in search volume. The click-to-call feature allows mobile phone users to search for goods or services on their mobile phone browser and then click on the number within the ad to call the business. Some ads can be based on user location so the ad that they click on can call the store location that is nearest to them.

The clickthrough rates on Google’s click-to-call ads do 6 – 8% better than ads without a number or URL associated with it. A unique feature about the click-to-call is that it allows the advertisers for the ads to track how many calls they are getting per keyword, ad group, or campaign. The advantage that mobile ads have over computer ads is being able to target the ad by location, making the chances more likely that the ad will be opened.

With an increasing amount of Smartphone users, mobile advertisements will become a more common venue of searching on the mobile web, opening up more opportunities for marketers to explore more channels available to them.

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