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Meet Alec

27 Aug, 2019 Alex Naylor Fluid Culture

Get to know the man behind all the 1’s and 0’s. Meet Alec, our newest web developer and Ricky Bobby wannabe.

What brings you to Fluid?

After deciding to take the next step in my career, Fluid seemed like a wonderful company and a perfect fit!

What led you to choose a career in web development?

A love and fascination for technology and the internet!

Tell us your life story in six words or less.

I wanna go fast.

What are you bringing to the table for Fluid?

Optimism, a great work ethic and a friendly demeanor!

What’s your stadium intro song?

Redemption – Bill Conti

If you could live in any time period, which would you choose?

2070. I’m sure technology will be rad.

What’s your least favorite part of web development?

Definitely having to sit all day.

So far, do you like Shawn or Austin better?

Shawn is much better at ping pong… So I guess Shawn?

And finally, is a calzone a sandwich? Defend your answer.

I would say no. In my mind, I view a sandwich as something you can easily remove stuff inside that you don’t want. Calzones don’t offer that convenience.

Welcome to the team, Alec! Now let’s just hope Austin doesn’t ever catch wind of this blog.

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