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Marketing Tips From Holiday Characters

11 Dec, 2015 McKell Naegle


The holiday season is upon us. While there are many great things about the holidays, one of my personal favorites is watching the movies. As a digital advertising agency, we know there’s much more to a holiday movie than just watching it. There are lessons to be learned. So here are some of our top holiday characters and how we can become better marketers because of them.


The Grinch (How the Grinch Stole Christmas):


The Grinch is a classic story, one that you may not think we have much to learn from. Honestly, the Grinch could have used a good PR firm, as he didn’t start off with the best reputation. However, the Grinch ultimately was able to turn his image around because he embraced what makes him unique. He learned not to complain or try and be disliked anymore. He realized he was different, and he accepted it. People ended up liking him for it.

Oftentimes, marketing companies try and conform, treating every campaign or client the same. Instead, it’s important to find what distinguishes you and embrace it. This will help position you uniquely in the eyes of consumers and ultimately help you be more successful.



Kevin (Home Alone):


Home Alone is one of the most iconic holiday movies of all-time and one of my personal favorites. Kevin McCallister is accidently left behind as his family goes on a Christmas vacation, and he is left to fend for himself. He encounters many challenges, the biggest of which are Harry and Marv, two burglars who target the McCallister home. In the end, Kevin’s preparation allows him to fend off the burglars and be safely reunited with his family.

This movie is all about preparing for the unexpected and being one step ahead of the competition. This is absolutely essential for any marketing professional, agency, or campaign. Plan ahead, plan for the unexpected, and you’ll be much better equipped to handle any situation that comes your way.


Buddy the Elf (Elf)


Buddy begins the movie as a young boy who accidently ends up in the North Pole. He grows up as an elf, completely unaware of the fact that he is human. He eventually discovers his true origin, and heads to New York City to find his father. After arriving in New York, he soon discovers how unprepared and ignorant he is to the real world but learns a lot about the world throughout the movie.

To be honest, there is a lot we can learn from Buddy’s story. However, I want to focus on two main things. First, Buddy shows a great ability to adapt without losing who he is. Second, Buddy has no preconceived notions about others. He shows great ability to believe in people. In the world of marketing, it is very important to adapt to the many changes around us while maintaining the core values of your brand. It is also very important to do the proper research, while not assuming you know everything about a company or demographic.

Ralphie (A Christmas Story)


Ralphie is a young boy who wants just one thing—a Red Ryder BB gun. It is the most popular present at the time, and it is all little Ralphie can dream about. The story covers the experiences of Ralphie and his family throughout the Christmas season, chronicling their experiences—both good and bad. In the end, Ralphie gets what he wants and remarks that his BB gun was the best gift he ever received.

The message we receive from this movie is very simple. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Ralphie knew what he wanted, and he did everything he could to make sure he achieved his dream. As many people know, marketing takes a lot of hard work. It is important to set both personal and company goals. If you have as much passion for your own goals as Ralphie had for his Christmas dream, you may just accomplish them in the end.

Did we miss any any advertising agency marketing tips from holiday characters? Let us know in the comments below!


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