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Marketing Relevance

20 Jun, 2014 McKell Naegle

Marketing has many aspects, and none can be skipped over. However, there is one aspect that makes all others irrelevant, even if they are done well. And that is relevance. Relevance determines if a consumer will find your ad useful, or even pay attention to it. If an ad or ad campaign is not relevant to consumers, your business, or a product, it is largely wasted money. Making relevant ads is a very time-consuming process, but the results make all the time and effort worth it.

Relevance is hitting the correct audience at the right time with the right product, with the appropriate ad style.

Lets start out with why relevance is so important to marketing. The more relevant an advertisement is, the more effective it will be. When it is not relevant, consumers will most likely disregard it, making it ineffective. Irrelevant ads really degrade marketing efforts. They account for unnecessary costs, lengthen the decision-making process for the consumer, and decrease your chance of getting the sale. Sometimes irrelevant ads cause the consumer not to consider you at all. Making ads relevant to a product, business, or target audience will increase its impact and overall effectiveness.

Another good thing to do is try to focus on the consumer rather than the product. Present the product and its features, but don’t make the entire ad focused on those things. Ads have increasingly been product focused. While that is great for getting the word out and establishing your product, it doesn’t tell the consumer why they should buy it. Try to help the buyer understand the value the product can add to their life and the results they can expect from it. Giving the consumer reasons to buy the product that focus on them will make the ad more relevant.

Also, keep your content short. Attention spans keep getting shorter. Having someone’s attention for the entire duration of the ad will only help. This will probably require you to cut content down, but still deliver the necessary information.

Also, with constant technology changes and everything moving toward a more mobile platform, staying relevant with the technology is crucial. Once you figure out the context of what users on social media are looking at, you can make ads that are relevant to the individual. Also, checking in at locations is popular with social media users. Use that data to create relevant ads for that person based on their location. Also, mobile Internet usage is expected to surpass desktop usage soon. Make sure your ads are compatible with mobile platforms. If not, you will lose a large portion of consumers.

Creating relevant marketing ads and campaigns can be overwhelming, but those who welcome the challenge will see a greater ROI for the marketing efforts. Personalized messages are what consumers want, and marketers will have to deliver. Relevant ads will encourage consumers to respond, which will drive your sales. In all, a more relevant marketing plan will increase your business and marketing stronger while making you the envy of your competition.

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