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Making the Perfect Pie with TAB Bank

2 Dec, 2016 Guest Blogger

Who doesn’t want a bigger slice of the pie?

Who isn’t already setting wheels in motion to move on up? But what is the recipe to get there? Our response: Well-thought-out ingredients, mixed together at the right speed, baked at 360-degrees. Today we’ll learn: Making the Perfect Pie with TAB Bank.

Prepping the Space

TAB Bank and its marketing department have been a lonely island in a vast ocean of competition. As we analyzed where we needed to grow, we realized that a new approach to reaching potential clients, retaining our current customers and getting our piece of the pie was a MUST. So, setting out into 2017, our mission is to find new avenues to stand out, steal market share and become the leaders in our industry. Making the Perfect Pie with TAB Bank!

Year-over-year, our go-to-market strategy has always been founded on relationships. Our overall goal is to convert leads into customers, which in the end is revenue. We relied on event attendance and sponsorships. We would have a booth space, invite attendees via email and place ads in industry publications. Has it worked? Yes. Has it been the best bang for our buck? We honestly don’t know, but we feel that it has been good for us.

Wholesome Ingredients

How can we “move on up” when there’s this ever-changing world of digital, targeted advertising and big data? First of all, we can no longer rely on our gut feelings. We need to know exactly what is working and where to best apply our marketing efforts and dollars. In order to accomplish this, TAB Bank has initiated a bank-wide, deep dive into the never ending stream of information about our clients from all of our disparate systems. In 2017, we expect to glean information that will allow us to be laser-focused on what we do and make more informed decisions.

However, having data at our fingertips is only part of the recipe. Smart, targeted advertising is another key ingredient. We have implemented strong online campaigns that are spread across various channels and revolve around our known and prospective audience — one we have identified through customer personas and data. Our plan is to operate with the customer in mind in order to focus our message, use the right channels, analyze campaign effectiveness and make real-time adjustments.

Our final ingredient is automation. Through digital initiatives and tracking data, we can get our messages in front of more prospects. This enhances our tradeshow efforts and helps us reach a wider, yet more specific audience.

Mix Thoroughly

What is a piece of pie if not for its shape? Just like the pie pan, all of our initiatives are supported by our shiny new website. Conversion is our main goal at TAB Bank, and the launch of the new site now gives us multiple ways to capture visitor data and then funnel them to the product and service best suited to their business needs. By having the right structure and tools, we can confidently drive potential clients to the site. And once they are at the site and taking action, we are better equipped to measure the flow of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) leading to conversions.

Let Cool and Savor

So, as we move on up into the world of big data and customer acquisition, we have placed a good balance of marketing, analysis, and data-capture to cultivate more MQLs in an automated system. As we execute our plan for 2017, we look forward to being “up in the big leagues, gettin’ our turn at bat”, and that pie will taste oh so delicious.

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