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Location. Location. Location!

28 Nov, 2016 McKell Naelge

The three most important things in buying real estate are: location, location and location. The same can be said about digital marketing.

Location | Fluid Advertising

There are two great challenges in marketing. The first being where and when to place your product in front of your consumers. The second being how to make your product stand out where and when you place it. Here, we’re going to focus on the former: time and place. If you need help with presenting your product in the best possible light, I know some people who can help.

There are many tools that are useful in location-based marketing, but we are going to focus on three: geo-targeting, geo-fencing and beaconing.


First, let’s talk about geo-targeting. With geo-targeting, you can serve ads to consumers based on their geographic location. For example, if you’re advertising college text books, you can choose to serve up ads only to consumers who are on or around a specific college campus.


Geo-fencing, on the other hand, allows you to establish a boundary around your  location. Using the example above, you could set up a geo-fence around your campus bookstore. Then, consumers nearby will trigger this fence and receive ads about that specific location.


Lastly, let’s talk about beaconing. Beacons send out highly targeted messages through either push notifications or even by text message. These work when consumers are already in-store or in close proximity to the store. Again, using the above example, beaconing messages can alert customers to an in-store promotion on school apparel while they’re already shopping for text books in that same store.

By using a combination of geo-fencing, geo-targeting and beaconing, marketers can see a significant uptick in click-through rates, and more importantly, in sales. If you would like to learn how any one or a combination of these location-based marketing tools can help grow your business, drop us a line.




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