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Local Innovation

7 May, 2014 McKell Naegle

In recent years, the Wasatch Front has become home to not only the nation’s best skiing, but also some of the most innovative cities in the country. The Orem-Provo area ranked 11th in a report by Engine and the Kauffman Foundation on the density of high-tech startups. Salt Lake City came in at a close 12th on the list. Utah is expected to, yet again, come in on top of Forbes‘s list of best places for business. There is a lot of change going on here in Utah, and many people are starting to refer to the Wasatch Front as the Silicon Slopes.


Locally, Utah is home to names like Adobe, Microsoft, eBay, Skullcandy, Overstock and Oracle. Each year more big brands set their eyes on our state—including companies like Google, who just announced that another Utah city could be home to their coveted fiber internet.


Fluid is a large proponent of innovation in the area and a Platinum Sponsor of the annual Utah Innovation Awards, who announced their winners last week. We understand the need to continue to understand the changing tech-climate to facilitate growth and are proud to be a part of the local innovation culture.


Bard Access Systems developed the PowerGlide midline catheter and is recognized for their innovation in the Life Science portion of this year’s awards. The PowerGlide is a peripherally inserted vascular access device that offers a dwell time comparable to a midline catheter with the ease of insertion of a peripheral IV catheter, according to the UIA website. This medical advancement came after careful consideration of consumer requests and practitioner needs for the ability to insert a comfortable IV easily that can remain inserted for a longer amount of time.


Another revolutionary company recognized for their work is FUZ Designs. Their EverDock and EverDock Duo exemplify their consideration for what consumers really desire. According to the UIA site, their device is “a beautiful universal charging dock machine from aluminum that stays firmly planted by using micro-suction technology accommodating iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.” Their sleek product allows for consumers to simultaneously charge multiple devices from different platforms. For their other products, click here.


For a full list of the winners, click here.


In our own work, we are constantly trying to find the most adaptive means to communicate our clients’ message in an innovative way that will allow them to effectively reach their constituents. We get it. No two companies are the same, and so we take our knowledge, mold it to a specific cause, and create a vehicle for growth.


Our process allows us to go outside the box. We are not constrained to typical marketing thoughts. We help our clients think of new ways to brand, design, package or sell themselves in an effort to set them apart in this always changing, innovative business world. Like our website says, “The advertising world is always changing. So are we. We’re Fluid.”


We strive to use this change to harness a creative environment, and achieve the flow state. Flow allows us the ability to create unique, innovative final products for our clients and also keeps our eyes on the ever-changing tech world.


This awareness helps us create new, exciting, and relevant designs day in and day out. We are nestled in the growing tech world of the West and are quietly becoming a huge part of the local change.

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