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Let your tweets speak for you!

27 Jul, 2010 McKell Naegle

Do you want to make your tweets more personalized? Wouldn’t social media be more fun if you could actually talk to other people rather than just type? Now there are five programs that can allow you to integrate your own recorded audio into Twitter. You can use this new-found power to sing someone a song, tell them a joke or tell them how much you miss them – whatever you can dream up!

1. Twaud.io: this service allows you to both record and upload files – you just need to sign in and approve your computer’s mic. You are allowed up to thirty minutes of recording! You can record and listen to the playback all on the same program.

2. Chirbit: has categories such as  is “audiobook,” “joke,” “pickup line” designed to help the Chirbit community find content more easily, but if you are just using it as a social media tool you only need to pay attention to the default “Chirbit” category.

3. Chir.ps: offers the same recording and playback process, as the others, but just know that there’s a slight delay before the tweet will hit your stream. When the Chir.ps is in your stream it will have a shortened URL attached to it to allow people to clickthrough and listen. One nice feature of this program is a “listen count” so you can see how many people have hit play.

4. AudioBoo: with this program you only have 5 minutes of recording time, but then you can choose to share your audio to Facebook, tweet it or get an embed code. AudioBoo has good sound recording quality.

5. Shoutomatic: one cool feature of Shoutomatic is people are able to reply directly on your message page directly within the program. Also, for a fee you can have “celebrities” record a message for you.

You have the power – now go shout it out!

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