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Learning everything there is to know about our newest Fluidite, Jessica!

5 Jun, 2019 Kayla LeFevre Fluid Culture

Our Account Management team is excited to welcome our newest Fluid member, Jessica! In good old Fluid fashion, we asked her some very deep and sometimes even uncomfortable questions in order to get to know her better. Check out her answers below!

1. What is something that you need right now?

Better eyesight, as I am legally blind. Also, coffee and a kitten… or a puppy… or both.

2. What’s your zodiac?

Look up the definition of “Virgo” in any academic source, and you’ll find my glamour shot.

3. If there was a drink named after you, what would it be called?

The Howler Monkey

4. What made you decide to become an account manager?

I have always been fascinated by agencies and their ability to deliver outstanding results to their clients. Leading up to my employment with Fluid, I spent many years admiring the work of agencies from the outside looking in. So, becoming an account manager seemed like a great way to jump into agency life and learn all about it firsthand. I also love being in a client-facing role, so account management is a natural fit.

5. What do you like best about working in advertising?

Advertising keeps you on your toes, and as an ex-ballerina, I like that! It is an exciting and ever-changing field that I believe has developed me into a better critical thinker, problem solver and communicator. It is also incredibly satisfying to see a client’s ad campaign from conception to final execution.

6. Cats or dogs?

I cannot betray my love for either with a firm answer to that question.

7. What was your first CD?

Aaron Carter’s “Oh Aaron” and Brittany Spears’s “Oops… I Did It Again.”

8. What’s your favorite item in your closet?

It’s a tie between my yellow raincoat and my PJs.

9. If you could only drive one car for the rest of your life, what car would it be?

I don’t care much about the type of car… I would just love to have a driver for the rest of my life. I hate driving on freeways.

10. What made you decide to work for Fluid?

Having previously met with Fluid team members as an “outsider” to the agency, I always felt they had a great sense of collaboration and intention in the work they produced. The individuals I met with were awesome, so when the opportunity arose to become an account manager with the agency, I jumped on it. I am so glad I did!

11. And finally, is a calzone a sandwich? Defend your answer.

No, a calzone is not a sandwich. It is a delicious receptacle for pizza that has simply been turned inside out. A sandwich has its filling sandwiched between two slices of bread, which have no sealed connection points on the perimeter. A calzone is a pocket that encapsulated its filling inside of dough, and therefore has connection points around the entire perimeter. Is an eclair a sandwich? No. Is an empanada a sandwich? No. Is a manapua a sandwich? No, and neither is a calzone. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

We hope she doesn’t mind being sandwiched between our creatives and our clients. Welcome to the team, Jessica! We can’t wait to see what amazing stuff comes out of your accounts.

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