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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

23 Oct, 2017 Thatcher Olson Holidays

Tips and tricks for last minute Halloween-costume prep.

So, you’re a week away from Halloween. You’ve either procrastinated your costume, totally forgot, or maybe you just don’t care about putting forth the effort an elaborate outfit requires. Whatever the reason, this blog is for you.

Option 1: Order on Amazon

If price isn’t as much of an issue for you, then a great option is to order a costume on Amazon. With two-day shipping from Amazon Prime, you can order up to a few days before Halloween. You can shop everything from a cheap costume to a full-on elaborate garb that will wow everyone. Check out this link for the full selection.

Option 2: DIY Costume

Just because you don’t order a fancy and elaborate Halloween costume doesn’t mean you can’t make an amazing one from home. Be creative and find some things around your house or your local craft store. Pinterest is a great site to get creative inspiration. Some simple ideas can include Where’s Waldo, or even some Emojis. Be creative and have fun!


Option 3: Simple, Maybe Even Too Simple

If you’re really behind the ball (and really lazy) then this route might just be for you! Also known as the “Jim from the Office” philosophy, this is something you can pull together right as you leave the door for work or Trick or Treating on Halloween. Keep it simple, make it funny and enjoy playing around. This is a great way to get a laugh while not spending a lot of time prepping. Below are a few ideas to get you started.



Option 4: Don’t Dress Up

Okay, if you’ve really procrastinated, you just  have any good ideas, or you just don’t like Halloween, then you don’t have to dress up. Enjoy fall and Halloween in other ways. Go for a hike, hand out the candy, carve pumpkins or go to a corn maze. There are lots of fun ways to spend time with friends and family, so go out there and have a howl of a time.

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