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iPhone app for skiers and Snowbird(ers)!

24 Jan, 2011 McKell Naegle

I saw this iPhone application get released today and thought I would share the love.

We help develop apps (but in full disclosure did not have a hand in this one).

However, it is a good one and must be shared!

It is an app that is fun for skiers, snowboarders, and Snowbird(ers) in Utah! Come to Salt Lake and check out the greatest snow on earth in Utah!

The original post is HERE.

The Snowbird app is available free of charge at the Apple store.

The main “Snow” page gives users live feeds of on-mountain data such as new snowfall and year-to-date totals, mid-mountain snow depth and an extended weather forecast (including snow probability). The @SnowbirdSki and @SnowbirdPatrol Twitter feeds relays the latest mountain updates, events, deals and other recent news. Scrolling down reveals a Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) road status update, as well as live feeds for Snowbird’s mountain cams from Hidden Peak and the SnowCam. The bottom of the page includes a Doppler radar map and links to the Utah Avalanche Center report and the National Weather Service forecast.

The “Go” section displays LCC road conditions and directions from the user’s current location. Rotating the phone displays the Snowbird trail map in full screen, allowing users to toggle between maps of the front side of Snowbird, Mineral Basin and a Landmark feature which includes historical markers and Ski Patrol routes throughout the mountain.

The “Show” function displays the latest user-generated iPhone photos from the Snowbird community in a thumbnail gallery with expanded, quick scroll display options. Users can also take his/her own photos or choose one from his/her library, tag it with a Snowbird logo and upload it to Snowbird’s Flickr page. Resort information such as important Snowbird phone numbers and mountain safety tips are also displayed here.

Version 2.0 of the iPhone app encourages users to post within the application to Facebook and Twitter accounts with Snowbird tags so you can share your ski day with friends and family. A Twitter feed displays the latest Tweets with Snowbird mentions, and Day Counter tallies up total number of ski days on the hill.

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