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23 Nov, 2010 McKell Naegle

Instamatic iphone app application salt lake city utah

Instagram is one of the best iPhone apps I have found for photos in some time. Think of Polaroid–only digitized. And on steroids.

It is a little like Hipstamatic but cooler in a lot of ways. It ties into social media, specifically Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook, very well.

You take nice vintage-looking photos with filters that provide different looks and feels for your photos.

Some examples are:

Cost? FREE!

Those cost-conscious locals on Salt Lake City, Utah will love that price! (Inside jab–gotta have at least one per post.)

Currently, this app is just for iPhone users, but a sister application may be pending for the Android community. Stay tuned!

Let me know if you join the Instamatic iPhone application community; I’ll view your work, and you can reciprocate and make fun of mine!

Instamatic is just one of many photo-filtering iPhone applications; give us some of your favorites in the COMMENTS section below.

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