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If Typefaces Were People…

11 Apr, 2018 Brett Ferrin Web & Graphic Design

All typefaces have a voice and personality. Some of the most hated typefaces in the world are disliked by designers not because they’re poorly designed per say, but because their personalities are frequently misused by amateurs.

For example, you would never have a kindergartner plan your wedding, right? So it makes sense that you would never put comic-sans on your wedding invitation (which I’ve seen by the way ⎼ it was horrifying).

We’ve put together a list of some of the most hated typefaces known to man and paired them with their real life counterparts below.

Impact – The Bro


He’s big. He’s bold. He’s worked out three times today and spent most of it admiring himself in the mirror. Totally swole, brah.

Hates: Tears

Loves: Axe body spray, Nickelback and Creatine

Spirit Animal: Ryan Lochte

Comic Sans – The Man Child

He’s goofy, awkward, unemployed and still living in his mother’s basement. No one’s going to take you seriously hanging out with this guy. Time to grow up, dude.

Hates: Responsibility

Loves: Comic books and fart jokes

Spirit Animal: Paul Blart Mall Cop

Papyrus – The Church Lady

She’s kitschy, loves studying the bible and has an incredible collection of black velvet sad clown paintings. Isn’t that special.

Hates: SATAN

Loves: Volunteering and singing in the church choir

Spirit Animal: Tammy Faye Bakker

Curlz – The Mean Girl

She’s that obnoxiously sweet, gossip mongering blonde girl you love to hate. She, like, is totally wearing pink this Wednesday.

Hates: Carbs

Loves: Lulu Lemon and Coachella

Spirit Animal: Cher Horowitz

Helvetica – The Grump

He’s old, boring, a stickler for rules and doesn’t have much of a personality. Sure, he’s reliable and wise, but not much fun at parties.

Hates: Millenials

Loves: Daytime television and reminiscing on the “the good ol’ days”

Spirit Animal: Grumpy Cat

Vivaldi – The Diva

She’s fabulous, demanding, and you know she wears stilettos while using the elliptical. You’ve never seen her without a cocktail in hand daaahling.

Hates: Aging

Loves: Champaign, Balenciaga and Michael Kors handbags

Spirit Animal: Karen Walker

Jokerman – The Jokester

He’s loud, obnoxious and desperate for a laugh.  He’s “that guy” in your improv class you pray you’re not paired with. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

Hates: Political correctness

Loves: Attention

Spirit Animal: Carrot Top

Chiller – The Goth

He’s creepy, always in black and is convinced he’s a vampire. He gives you the willies, but you can’t help and think he’s trying a bit too hard…

Hates: Happiness

Loves: Hot Topic and eyeliner

Spirit Animal: The Prince of Darkness


How did we do? Comment below and let us know what other fonts have distinct personalities (for better or for worse).

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