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Set up Google Alerts

4 Oct, 2013 McKell Naegle

How To Set Up Google Alerts

Do you know what a Google Alert is? Basically, it is a service that will show you any new results that Google finds about a topic of your choice.

Let’s say that my dreams come true and I am now the owner of a posh restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah. Perhaps I want to keep an eye on my competitors, or maybe I just want to be up to date on my culinary technique and tasty recipes. First, go to Google Alerts and easily enter a search query, which in this case will be “Utah restaurants.”

Then, in the following boxes I can narrow down the returned results, how often I would like to receive updates, and my email address—and voilà! Once a week I am getting new recipes, restaurant reviews and sizzling culinary trends.

Whether you are a restaurant owner, an account manager, reputation management professional, or even an individual trying to find more information about a hobby, Google Alerts can be very beneficial. For example, I know that if I include the words “sign spinning” or “sign spinner” in this article, that Codie “Cool Kat” Norman, a sign spinner in Arizona, will receive an email from Google alerting him to his article since he has created an alert for all terms related to sign spinning.

Google Alerts can also be great for the account manager. An effective account manager can create these alerts for terms that are related to their clients and use them as a way to initiate contact and show their client that they are thinking of them.

If you have a client requiring reputation management, getting the newest indexed results for their brand is paramount. When creating the alert for a reputation management client, put the client’s company name. That way, if anything is published about the client, you will know about it first.

Google Alerts can make you a more effective digital marketer, account manager, and business owner by giving you up-to-date information. If you want to let a client know that you are thinking of them, send them articles that are related to their industry. You will come across as being proactive and thoughtful. They never have to know that Google delivered the articles to your inbox.


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