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5 Super Annoying Things That Ruin Mobile Experience

29 Apr, 2015 McKell Naegle

5 Super Annoying Things That Ruin Mobile Experience

Mobile use is everything today. Google recently rolled out a mobile algorithm update placing more importance on mobile-friendly websites. What do users want out of their mobile experience today? Let’s take a look at some stats from Google:


74% of users say they’re more likely to return to a site in the future if it’s mobile-friendly.


79% of users who don’t like what they find on a mobile site will go look for the information they need on another site.


48% of users that report a business’s site didn’t work well on their smartphones took it as an indication the company didn’t care about their business.


78% of users want to be able to find what they’re looking for on a mobile site in just one or two clicks.


69% of users called for bigger buttons that are friendlier to their fumbling fingers.


74% of users want mobile sites to look clean and efficient.


74% of users also cited they want the option to go to a full, non-mobile site version.


Based on these stats, not only is mobile use important today but it also must be combined with a clean and efficient mobile experience. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top five super annoying things that ruin mobile experience.


  1. Pages that don’t zoom


How many times have you been to a website where you couldn’t read the text? It’s super annoying. Combine that with a website that doesn’t zoom, and it’s nearly impossible to use. Often the text is too small to read, or you want to zoom in to get a better look at a picture, but you can’t!



  1. Tiny links/text boxes


Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have fat fingers; the buttons are just too small to press! Often links are placed way too close together, and you can’t press the link you’re trying to. There is a reason Google makes this a priority. It makes for a bad user experience.


  1. Annoying ads

Have you ever visited a mobile website with an ad? How about a site with a pop-up ad? The absolute worst is a site with a pop-up ad that just won’t go away. You can click away at that tiny little x, but you can’t close it without being taken to the ad website. Here at Fluid Advertising, we understand the importance of ads—just make them easier to close!


  1. Adobe Flash


Flash can do some great things for websites; there’s no doubting that. However, Flash is not available on all devices. Newer Android devices have Flash, but Apple, as well as some other smaller phone companies, does not. If you have an iPhone, or other phone which doesn’t support Flash, you know just how annoying it is to run across a website that just doesn’t work on your phone. Google has placed emphasis on this, placing more importance on sites that don’t use Adobe Flash.


  1. Mobile Video


Videos are great, and we love watching them on our mobile devices. So why aren’t all videos mobile friendly? It’s time to stop making YouTube videos only available on desktop, especially when you’re on a mobile friendly website, trying to view a desktop-only YouTube video.


These are just a few of many potential mobile headaches. Let us know of any that we missed in the comments below. If you’re a business owner, make sure to correct these issues sooner rather than later. Google recently rolled out a new mobile algorithm update, which can hurt your site’s rankings if you don’t correct any potential issues. Check out Fluid’s mobile optimization article to learn more about problems and how to correct them.

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