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How to Prep your eCommerce site for Black Friday

9 Nov, 2015 McKell Naegle

Black Friday can be seen as a day of opportunity for both the consumer and the seller. For the consumer it is an opportunity to get that product you’ve been wanting for so long, and for the seller, it’s an opportunity to real in hoards of new customers and faithful returning customers. If this is your first black Friday rodeo, you might be somewhat terrified as to predicting just how to prepare your business for the traffic onslaught that comes with Black Friday. Because Fluid cares, we have have prepared some ways to help you get ready and take advantage of this the opportunity known as Black Friday.

Start Prepping Yesterday

If you think those people who listen to Christmas music in July are crazy, or the stores that put out Christmas decorations in October, know that there is a reason for that. The holiday demand starts back in August according to findings from Shopify

Start Building Email Lists

 Again, start this as early as possible. Once your sale dates get closer you can begin blasting all those who subscribed to your emails with promotional dates and deals. Keep your customers in the loop!

Do Your A/B testing before Black Friday

You want to figure out what is working far in advance. That way when your site’s traffic spikes during the holidays, your conversion rate will not tank. You want to convert as much of the traffic to your site as possible! Once you have figured out the best Conversion Rate Practices, make sure they are implemented for the holidays.

Bulk up your Site’s hosting capacity

This is just common sense. If you are expecting significantly more traffic during the holidays, the absolute worst thing that could happen is a site crash. You can be sure that if your site is down for even a few minutes, people will jump to the next best site they can find and forget all about you. Make sure your sites performance is optimized!

Set up Retargeting / Abandon Cart recovery

The holidays present a great chance to build up your retargeting lists. Retargeting converts users at a much much higher percentage than first time visitors. Not everyone who visits your site is going to purchase something the first time they visit you. With all the new traffic your can expect, use retargeting to transform that traffic spike, into a traffic increase. The idea here is long lasting new traffic and lifetime customers.

Don’t forget about mobile traffic!

Mobile is quickly becoming a major shopping platform for many people. Mobile usage has already overtaken desktop for searches, and people are defiantly buying things from their phones! You will want to make sure your site has a solid mobile interface and functionality.

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