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How to Make This Black Friday Your Best Yet Using Emails

13 Nov, 2018 McKell Naegle Digital Marketing

Black Friday Email | Fluid Advertising

Black Friday sales have been growing year after year and if the trend continues, this year’s Black Friday will be the biggest yet. This could mean the biggest sales day for your company if you capitalize on this opportunity.

One of the best ways to do this is through emails. Email marketing has the highest conversion rate of all marketing channels for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Last year, email marketing had a Black Friday conversion rate of 4.29% for Shopify store owners.

This is not an opportunity you want to miss out on! So here are four different email ideas to give you inspiration.

The Simple, Straight-to-the-Point Email

One way to entice your customers is with a simple sales announcement. These emails are all business and clearly inform customers what the sale is. There is also a very focused call to action. Include the sale front and center to draw the attention of the reader like this BB Dakota email. Don’t worry about getting super creative with your pitch. Sometimes, keeping things simple is the best way to go.

The Scarcity Email

To encourage your customers to act fast, let them know that your products are limited. This Greats email gives their customers a status report on the shoes on sale. In this email, words like “moving fast” and “almost sold out” create a sense of urgency. Other words that could be used are: limited time only, today only, while supplies last, only “X” left, last chance, sale ends at midnight, so on and so forth. Use your emails to remind your customers that your sale will be ending soon or that your products are running out fast!

The Giveaway Email

Discounts are great, but getting things for free is even better. And it’s a great way to increase your sales. Free giveaways allow you to bring in sales without cutting too deeply into your profit margins. They create even more excitement within a customer than sales and discounts do, encouraging them to buy more in order to have a chance to win something for free. Giveaways are the secret sauce to a great holiday email campaign, and you can see it executed well in this Kustom Products email. Their email is enticing and encourages customers to find out more about how they can win the prize.

The Last-Minute Extended Sale Email

Another great way to capture sales is to “extend” your offer past the original timeframe, like Julep did in their email. This will help you convert customers who may have been busy at work, got distracted or simply didn’t have time to buy during your sale window. You can even offer a new discount to certain customers to convert if they didn’t the first time. But to make this email work, there are two important things you have to do:

  1. Don’t tell people your sale will be extended until AFTER the sale ends. If you do, people might put off buying and you could potentially lose customers.
  2. Don’t use this tactic too often! If you do, people will expect it and it won’t have the same effect.

Now put these email ideas to work and make this your best Black Friday yet!

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