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How social are your business cards?

13 Jul, 2010 McKell Naegle

More and more professionals are finding it useful to include social media profile links on their business cards. Including links to your company/personal profiles on your card not only showcases your progressive approach to doing business, but it also gives your business contacts more choices in how they communicate with you.

A few easy tips on how to implement this:

  • First of all, if there is one particular profile you would like to drive traffic to, only list that web address.
  • In contrast, you can use the “the more, the merrier” approach by listing the URLs for all of your profiles – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – so they realize how many options they have to connect with your brand.
  • Print the web addresses in a contrasting color to help it stand out from the other information on the card.
  • For recognizability, accompany the web address with the profile icon to draw attention to it (who doesn’t automatically know what the white ‘f’ in a blue square means?)
  • Almost every company includes a link to their corporate website, but it is very helpful to also supply the address to your blog. This can often be more useful than your website because a blog has the ability to show the personalities, ideas and happenings behind an organization.
  • How do you know how much personal vs. professional information to provide? A good rule of thumb is to keep it 50/50. For example, you can provide your mobile number, personal Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile while listing your company’s Facebook fan page and blog address.

OVERALL TAKE HOME: Whatever you try, make your card standout from others so you can leave a lasting impression!


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