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How Ping Pong Makes Me Better At My Job

8 Apr, 2019 Austin Killian Fluid Culture

Work hard, play hard. In these modern days, this is a philosophy that most companies live by. But why? How could it possibly make sense for a company to become and remain successful when it sets aside time for fun chit chat, little staff parties and the occasional ping pong game? It’s simple, there are far more aspects to the job than just what’s described on the Indeed listing.

Office Relationships

Yes, 90% of my job is being able to develop the dream sites our clients want with the coding skills I’ve acquired over time. Yes, I need to be able to reproduce what I see in the designs as much as humanly possible. But on top of all that, I need to make sure I have a great relationship with the designer of the project so that I feel comfortable asking design questions for parts of the site that aren’t so straightforward. I need to have this same relationship with my fellow devs in case there are times in development I’m just stumped on how to solve a problem. And again with my boss to make sure I’m not out of a job and he has to look for a replacement who may have to take time learning the technologies we use which would ultimately result in some projects coming to a standstill and pushing deadlines. But perhaps most importantly, I must have this relationship with myself to remain as productive as possible.

Work Hard

If I buried myself in my work and nothing else, I would lose my personality and become robot coder Austin who comes in, puts on headphones, no one knows, never asks questions, produces shoddy work, and then goes home leaving people wondering why I was even hired in the first place. No, that is not the way to go about it. Now I’m not saying we should have chill time all the time, but the occasional ping pong match definitely can do the trick.

Play Hard

When I tear it up at ping pong, my life force is regenerated. I’m a boss, and my confidence boosts through the roof and out into space. I’m able to come up with jokes and funny banter between me and my colleagues. I can be myself so that I don’t lose my personality, and with these moments, I bring a little more of myself into my work every day. I feel comfortable asking questions so problems get solved faster and deadlines are met with ease. And not only does asking questions complete my work faster, the boost in morale puts an extra spring in my fingers to get that coding done faster as well.

Side Effects

But without that boost from ping pong, I can only imagine I would be sitting at my desk taking subconscious breaks anyway, contemplating what I’m doing with my life. And with these breaks, that spring does not suddenly appear in my fingers. I can tell you from past jobs, it only slows productivity and leaves me spending my nights looking for other opportunities. But here at Fluid, productivity moves just like the name implies, like a flowing river rushing down to a vast ocean of success. It is the perfect place for employees and clients alike.

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