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How Facebook & Twitter are Predicting the 2012 Election

14 Jun, 2011 McKell Naegle

It should come to no surprise that current events are increasingly being mirrored in social media. The savvy social media users, with a watchful eye, are using Facebook and Twitter to get a good idea of how the 2012 election will turn out.

On Monday, the Republican Presidential hopefuls got together to debate our countries current issues. Even before the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate, CNN’s Washington D.C bureau chief made it clear the event was social by design.

At around 9PM, the official hashtag, #CNNDebate, was the top non-promoted trending topic worldwide on Twitter, with users continuing the conversation online, asking additional questions, and giving their own opinions of the topics discussed. High profile Twitter users were at the event, tweeting videos and behind the scene pictures from the debate.

Likestar, a startup company that specializes in analyzing social media data, more specifically Facebook Likes, tried to determine who “won” the debate, based on the popularity with America Facebook users.

According to the data, Mitt Romney was the clear frontrunner, adding an additional 19,658 Facebook Likes, and the greatest overall Likes on his Page.

Michelle Bachmann ranked second in the number of new Likes to her Page, showing her performance at the debate was more popular than that of Ron Paul, who has more overall Likes, but fewer new Likes originating from the debate.

The “Losers” of the debate were Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, who’s overall Page and new Likes remained low. The exact number of Facebook Likes each candidate received can be found here.

Social media continues to grow and the benefits of a company, organization, or Presidential candidate taking advantage of social media are too great to be ignored.

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